Alstore’s round tank products use a contemporary lap-jointed design with no internal ledges for fluid retention. Their ease of transportation and assembly makes them popular around the globe. A 5 million litre tanks fits in a standard container.

These tanks are widely used for a range of applications including; firewater, rain water, farm and rural water, community water storage, and industrial applications such as; demineralised water, waste water, and treated water.

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RT Tank Types

  • RT Liner Tanks 
    • Our most common Mega panel tank product consists of a bolted shell with a liner within, (HD PVC, polypropylene or butynol), in both non-potable or potable.
  • RT Gasket Tanks
    • Our round gasket tanks consist of a fully bolted floor and walls with high density foam gasket seals

Tank Sizes:

The tanks are made of standard-sized sheets of galvanised steel or stainless steel. Sizes are as follows, with the diameter of the tank increasing in 732mm increments;

Materials / Colours (Panels):

  • Galvanised steel
  • Stainless steel 304 2B & 316 2B
  • Galvanised steel with SS304 or SS316 Nozzles
  • Powder coated Galvanised Steel (standard Dulux range)


  • Standard nozzles (flanged, screwed, roll groove) 15mm – 250mm and PVC glue type flanges from 50mm-375mm
  • Non-standard fittings greater than 250mm are also available by request

Standard Fittings:

All our tanks come standard (as shown in the drawing below) with roof and side manways, external ladder, inlet, outlet, overflow and drain.


  • Our round tank roofs are self-supporting and depending on the size of tank the roof will either be flat or up to a pitch of 5 degrees.
    • Trimclad Zincalume sheets
    • Trimclad Colorbond sheets


  • Flat level slab which is at least 1000mm larger than the tank dimensions (typically)
  • Ring beam foundations with jacking pads
  • Foundations are supplied by the customer


  • All Alstore tanks conform to the PACIFIC BELLE quality system, with;
  • Full material traceability and dimensional accuracy
  • Design and conformance to relevant standards including; AS 1365, AS 1397, AS 3990, AS 1210, AS 2304, AS 1170, AS 2419, AS 3902


  • Dispatch to site within 4 – 5 weeks from signed approval of our final drawing


Alstore offers engineering services including site inspection and detail drawing.