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Pacific Belle
round bolted panel tanks for rural, farm and industrial use
Bolted Industrial Steel Rainwater tanks

Fire Bolted Panel Tank

With over 20 years' experience in the panel tank business ALSTORE, now incorporating the PACIFIC BELLE flat panel system of tank, is also offering Round Bolted tanks to the world. Our tank is a contemporary lap-jointed design with no internal ledges for fluid retention. Their ease of transportation and assembly makes them popular around the globe. A 5 million litre tanks fits in a standard container.

These tanks are widely used for a range of applications including community water storage, rain water, farm and rural water, fire water and industrial applications such as demineralised water, waste water, treated water.


MATERIALS - We offer 3 very special tank types:

TANK SIZES - The tanks are made of standard-sized sheets of galvanised steel or stainless steel. Sizes are as follows;


COLOURS - Our tanks can have a durable baked-on powder coating as well. We recommend and use Dulux powder coatings and approved applicators. Click this button to see the specifications and colour range.

NOZZLES - Nozzles in both flanged and screwed type are factory-cut into the sheets during manufacture and then double-flanged connections are bolted to the tank during assembly.

STANDARD FITTINGS - All our tanks come standard (as shown in the drawing below) with roof and side manways, external ladder, guard rails, inlet, outlet, overflow and drain.

ROOFING - Our tanks have a coned self supporting roof with a 1 in 12 slope as standard.

FLOORS - Flat floor is standard or you can have a coned floor with a central drain point.

FOUNDATIONS - The tanks generally sit on concrete slabs or ring beam foundations and we will assist in the design or can prepare the site and pour the foundation for our customers as well.

QUALITY - Our tanks come standard with conformance to the PACIFIC BELLE quality system, with full material traceability and dimensional accuracy of every part and compliance to ASME, BS and AS codes. You know exactly what you are getting!

ENGINEERING - Alstore offers engineering services including site inspection and detail drawing.

DELIVERY - Typically we can have one of these tanks ready for dispatch to your site within 3 - 4 weeks from approval of drawings of your required nozzle positions.


round bolted tanks sectional view

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