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Pacific Belle

Bolted Panel Water Tanks


ALSTORE is an Australian manufacturer and exporter of modular bolted Panel Tanks and Mining equipment. Both round and square, and now with its incorporation of the PACIFIC BELLE systems of bolted tank design and construction, we offer a complete water storage solution for any environment or remote location. In addition, we also offer tank repair and water tank cleaning services which help to fix them of any issues, aswell as maintain and extend their life expectancy.



Alstore Offers:

  • The PACIFIC BELLE MEGA and Traditional Rectangular panel tanks. This panel tank model has a water holding capacity 5000 litres to 1 mega litre, and more
  • RT Round Bolted tanks from 50,000 to 1 mega litre and more
  • The Pacific Belle EVO Tank range for large economical rain water storage
  • Fire Water Tanks




Bolted Panel Tank

Water Fire Tanks

Always specify PACIFIC BELLE panel tanks by ALSTORE Pty Ltd

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